Stay stylishly shaded in women's hats for every style and occasion.

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  1. Sole Society
  1. SS165-Hat SS165-Hat
    Sole Society Wide Brim Straw Hat with Raffia Band
  2. SS224-HAT SS224-HAT
    Sole Society Wide Brim Straw Boater
  3. SS047-Hat SS047-Hat
    Sole Society wide brim panama hat
  4. SS230-Hat SS230-Hat
    Sole Society Turban Headband
  5. SS228-Hat SS228-Hat
    Sole Society Tropical Pattern Headband
  6. SS218-Hat SS218-Hat
    Sole Society Straw Sunhat with Floral Embroidery
  7. SS217-Hat SS217-Hat
    Sole Society Sun Hat w/ Sequin Embroidery
  8. SS160-Hat SS160-Hat
    Sole Society Straw Panama Hat w/ Poms
  9. SS173-Hat SS173-Hat
    Sole Society Straw Bucket Hat with Faux Leather Band
  10. SS212-Hat SS212-Hat
    Sole Society Sweatshirt Textured Baseball Cap
  11. SS174-Hat SS174-Hat
    Sole Society Wide Brim Raffia Hat
  12. SS171-Hat SS171-Hat
    Sole Society Mixed Weave Sun Hat
  13. SS184-HAT SS184-HAT
    Sole Society Velvet Crush Baseball cap
  14. SS189-HAT SS189-HAT
    Sole Society Oversize Turban Headband
  15. SS226-HAT SS226-HAT
    Sole Society Cashmere Beanie
    Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $49.95
  16. SS208-hat SS208-hat
    Sole Society Ribbed Beanie w/ Pom Detail
    Special Price $13.18 Regular Price $32.95
  17. SS198-HAT SS198-HAT
    Sole Society Pearl Embellished Beanie w/ Faux Fur Pom
    Special Price $13.98 Regular Price $34.95
  18. SS186-Hat SS186-Hat
    Sole Society Two Tone Wool Baseball Cap
    Special Price $13.98 Regular Price $34.95
  19. SS203-Hat SS203-Hat
    Sole Society Wide Brim Hat w/ Faux Leather Band
    Special Price $17.98 Regular Price $44.95
  20. SS159-Hat SS159-Hat
    Sole Society wide brim hat with trim
    Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $39.95
  21. SS164-Hat SS164-Hat
    Sole Society Rustic Stripe Sun Hat
    Special Price $14.78 Regular Price $36.95
  22. SS166-Hat SS166-Hat
    Sole Society Multi Stripe Straw Bucket
    Special Price $13.18 Regular Price $32.95
  23. SS167-Hat SS167-Hat
    Sole Society Packable Stripe Bucket
    Special Price $12.48 Regular Price $24.95
  24. SS175-Hat SS175-Hat
    Sole Society Woven Straw Hat
    Special Price $13.98 Regular Price $34.95

24 results

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Women’s Hats

Stay shaded no matter where you go in a stylish at from Sole Society. We’ve partnered with some of the best names in fashion to bring you a carefully curated collection of women’s hats. Every ht in our collection is crafted from quality materials to ensure longevity and style, without breaking the bank. Start shopping all of our women’s hats by scrolling up.

Styles We Offer

In the right hat, you can become a total knockout. Hit the slopes or head out for the night it a slouchy beanie, show off your inner girl-next-door with a embroidered dad hat, hit the farmers market in a wide brim straw hat for an effortlessly cool way to hide your tameless locks, or pair a western style wool hat with a high-waisted skirt and opaque leggings for a modern hipster look that will always make you stand out from the crowd—we’ve got every style of hat you could ever dream of.

Styling Tips

A hat can be just the right accessory to make your outfit pop from the crowd. Try pairing your hat with a simple outfit to create this effortlessly put-together look. Style sparingly—with too many accessories, you can start to look like a dress-up doll rather than the next it-girl.