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Get wrapped up in this collection of ultra-soft scarves in fun prints and fabrics.

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  1. Sole Society
  1. SS648-Scarf SS648-Scarf
    Sole Society Tropical Printed Scarf
  2. SS669-Scarf SS669-Scarf
    Sole Society Ornate Printed Scarf
  3. SS695-Scarf SS695-Scarf
    Sole Society Aztec Jacquard Jacket
  4. SS649-Scarf SS649-Scarf
    Sole Society Lace Printed Scarf
  5. SS682-Scarf SS682-Scarf
    Sole Society Stripe Cocoon Wrap
  6. SS683-Scarf SS683-Scarf
    Sole Society Paisley Knit Kimono
  7. SS680-Scarf SS680-Scarf
    Sole Society Knit Kimono w/ Lurex
  8. SS681-Scarf SS681-Scarf
    Sole Society Printed Velvet Kimono
  9. SS639-Scarf SS639-Scarf
    Sole Society Baroque Pattern Scarf
  10. SS600-Scarf SS600-Scarf
    Sole Society Ombre Faux Fur Vest
    Special Price $50.97 Regular Price $84.95
  11. SS609-Scarf SS609-Scarf
    Sole Society Patchwork Faux Fur Stole
    Special Price $29.98 Regular Price $59.95
  12. SS637-Scarf SS637-Scarf
    Sole Society Textured Leopard Print Scarf
  13. SS653-Scarf SS653-Scarf
    Sole Society Aztec Jacquard Printed Wrap
    Special Price $27.97 Regular Price $39.95
  14. SS664-Scarf SS664-Scarf
    Sole Society Wool Blend Stripe Scarf
  15. SS638-Scarf SS638-Scarf
    Sole Society Jacquard Stripe Scarf
  16. SS668-Scarf SS668-Scarf
    Sole Society Plaid Scarf
    Special Price $27.97 Regular Price $39.95
  17. SS608-Scarf SS608-Scarf
    Sole Society Colorblock Ruana
  18. SS660-Scarf SS660-Scarf
    Sole Society Oversize Plaid Blanket Scarf
    Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $49.95
  19. SS662-Scarf SS662-Scarf
    Sole Society Turtleneck Poncho
    Special Price $29.97 Regular Price $49.95
  20. SS583-Scarf SS583-Scarf
    Sole Society Textured Jacquard Scarf
    Special Price $24.98 Regular Price $49.95
  21. SS635-Scarf SS635-Scarf
    Sole Society Long Open Cardigan
  22. SS665-Scarf SS665-Scarf
    Sole Society Chunky Fringe Scarf
    Special Price $17.97 Regular Price $29.95
  23. SS688-Scarf SS688-Scarf
    Sole Society Colorblock Ruana
    Special Price $35.97 Regular Price $59.95
  24. SS659-Scarf SS659-Scarf
    Sole Society Plaid Travel Wrap
    Special Price $23.98 Regular Price $59.95
  25. SS582-Scarf SS582-Scarf
    Sole Society Speckled Blanket Scarf
    Special Price $29.97 Regular Price $49.95
  26. SS407-Scarf SS407-Scarf
    Sole Society lightweight geo print kimono
  27. SS597-Scarf SS597-Scarf
    Sole Society Leopard Faux Fur Stole
    Special Price $27.97 Regular Price $39.95
  28. SS599-Scarf SS599-Scarf
    Sole Society Dip Dyed Faux Fur Stole
    Special Price $41.97 Regular Price $59.95
  29. SS605-Scarf SS605-Scarf
    Sole Society Textured Floral Embroidered Blanket Scarf
    Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $49.95
  30. SS353-Scarf SS353-Scarf
    Sole Society Plaid Scarf with Fringe
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $29.95

65 results

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Women’s Scarves

Bundle up in style with a scarf from Sole Society. We’ve curated our entire collection of scarves from some of the best names in the business to ensure every item we offer is stylish, comfortable, and can stand up to whatever the day brings. Scroll up to start stocking up on scarves from your favorite brands now!

Styles We Offer

No matter what coast you live on, we’ve got a scarf for you. Living in the endless summer of the west coast? Stock up on our light and delicate scarves and kimonos. If the east coast is chilling you down to the bone, get your hands on our wool, faux fur, and blanket scarves to keep you warm and stylish all winter long. We’ve got the perfect scarves for wherever you live.

Styling Tips

Your scarf can be the ultimate statement piece no matter if it’s printed, solid, or covered in fur. Pair large and thick scarves with subtle outfits—try an all-black outfit and some booties for a total cool-girl look. For printed and embellished scarves, try pairing with a classic white tee or sweater to make them the true star of your outfit. Scroll up to try one of these looks now!