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Because the right pair of sunglasses changes everything (with retro finishes, floral embellishments, and colorful tints).

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  1. Cumberland Cumberland
    Sole Society Cumberland
  2. Lor Lor
    Sole Society Lor
  3. Astoria Astoria
    Sole Society Astoria
  4. Vernon Vernon
    Sole Society Vernon
  5. Brennan
    Sole Society Brennan
  6. Meridan Meridan
    Sole Society Meridan
  7. Lorimer Lorimer
    Sole Society Lorimer
  8. Annalynne Annalynne
    Sole Society Annalynne
  9. Carnegie Carnegie
    Sole Society Carnegie
  10. Delancee Delancee
    Sole Society Delancee
  11. Vanderbilt Vanderbilt
    Sole Society Vanderbilt
  12. Niles Niles
    Sole Society Niles
    Special Price $16.17 Regular Price $26.95
  13. Claremore Claremore
    Sole Society Claremore
    Special Price $14.97 Regular Price $24.95
  14. Alameda Alameda
    Sole Society Alameda
    Special Price $13.48 Regular Price $26.95
  15. Bryant Bryant
    Sole Society Bryant
    Special Price $24.98 Regular Price $49.95
  16. Perrie Perrie
    Sole Society Perrie
    Special Price $17.47 Regular Price $24.95
  17. Pearl Pearl
    Sole Society Pearl
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $29.95
  18. Mercer Mercer
    Sole Society Mercer
    Special Price $14.97 Regular Price $24.95

18 results

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Women’s Sunglasses

A girl can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. Sole Society, we’ve cruated a collection of stylish sunglasses. From mirrored to tortoise shell to cat-eye to round—no matter the style, you need them all. Scroll up to start shopping our entire collection of sunglasses now!

Sunglasses Styles We Offer

At Sole Society, we offer a wide range of stylish sunglasses, including exotic prints, classic oversized, aviators, cat-eye, and more. In the right pair of sunglasses, your outfit completely changes. Start shopping our entire collection of sunglasses above.

Styling Tips

Heading out for some errands? Pair your jeans and tee with a classic pair of aviators for an effortless casual look. If you’re heading out for brunch on the patio, go big with some oversized square sunglasses to sip on champagne in style. No matter where you’re going, go there in style. Start shopping our entire collection of sunglasses above.