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  1. Sole Society
  1. Chenille Turtleneck Poncho Chenille Turtleneck Poncho
    Sole Society Chenille Turtleneck Poncho
  2. Faux Fur Jacket Faux Fur Jacket
    Sole Society Faux Fur Jacket
  3. Cashmere Beanie Cashmere Beanie
    Sole Society Cashmere Beanie
  4. Cashmere Travel Wrap Cashmere Travel Wrap
    Sole Society Cashmere Travel Wrap
  5. SS884-Scarf SS884-Scarf
    Sole Society Ornate Floral Print Scarf
  6. Faux Fur Vest Faux Fur Vest
    Sole Society Faux Fur Vest
  7. Wool Felt Panama Hat Wool Felt Panama Hat
    Sole Society Wool Felt Panama Hat
  8. Classic Plaid Scarf Classic Plaid Scarf
    Sole Society Classic Plaid Scarf
  9. Flannel Wool Hat Flannel Wool Hat
    Sole Society Flannel Wool Hat
  10. Faux Fur Headband Faux Fur Headband
    Sole Society Faux Fur Headband
  11. Sherpa Baseball Cap Sherpa Baseball Cap
    Sole Society Sherpa Baseball Cap
  12. Waffle Knit Beanie w/ Pom Detail Waffle Knit Beanie w/ Pom Detail
    Sole Society Waffle Knit Beanie w/ Pom Detail
  13. Plaid Scarf w/ Pom Detail Plaid Scarf w/ Pom Detail
    Sole Society Plaid Scarf w/ Pom Detail
  14. Speckled Knit Scarf Speckled Knit Scarf
    Sole Society Speckled Knit Scarf
  15. Oversize Plaid Blanket Scarf Oversize Plaid Blanket Scarf
    Sole Society Oversize Plaid Blanket Scarf
  16. Bar Necklace Bar Necklace
    Sole Society Bar Necklace
  17. Fringe Necklace Fringe Necklace
    Sole Society Fringe Necklace
  18. Thin Stone Cuff Thin Stone Cuff
    Sole Society Thin Stone Cuff
  19. Gypsy Hoop Post Earrings Gypsy Hoop Post Earrings
    Sole Society Gypsy Hoop Post Earrings
  20. Stud Earrings Stud Earrings
    Sole Society Stud Earrings
  21. Huggie Earrings Huggie Earrings
    Sole Society Huggie Earrings
  22. Magnetic Hinge Stone Bangle Magnetic Hinge Stone Bangle
    Sole Society Magnetic Hinge Stone Bangle
  23. French Wire Dangle Earrings French Wire Dangle Earrings
    Sole Society French Wire Dangle Earrings
  24. Statement Chandelier Earrings Statement Chandelier Earrings
    Sole Society Statement Chandelier Earrings
  25. Cluster Statement Ring Cluster Statement Ring
    Sole Society Cluster Statement Ring
  26. Stone Necklace Stone Necklace
    Sole Society Stone Necklace
  27. Pave Ring Set Pave Ring Set
    Sole Society Pave Ring Set
  28. Melo Melo
    Sole Society Melo
  29. Kaycie Kaycie
    Sole Society Kaycie
  30. "A" Necklace "A" Necklace
    Sole Society "A" Necklace
  31. Window Pane Scarf Window Pane Scarf
    Sole Society Window Pane Scarf
  32. Printed Kimono Printed Kimono
    Sole Society Printed Kimono
  33. Stripe Ruana Stripe Ruana
    Sole Society Stripe Ruana
  34. Mixed Knit Beanie w/ Faux Fur Pom Mixed Knit Beanie w/ Faux Fur Pom
    Sole Society Mixed Knit Beanie w/ Faux Fur Pom
  35. Chancie Chancie
    Sole Society Chancie
  36. Wool Turban Beanie Wool Turban Beanie
    Sole Society Wool Turban Beanie
  37. Wool Turban Headband Wool Turban Headband
    Sole Society Wool Turban Headband
  38. Retro Plaid Beret Retro Plaid Beret
    Sole Society Retro Plaid Beret
  39. Wool Beret Wool Beret
    Sole Society Wool Beret
  40. Plaid Baseball Cap Plaid Baseball Cap
    Sole Society Plaid Baseball Cap
  41. Checkered Scarf Checkered Scarf
    Sole Society Checkered Scarf
  42. Mixed Plaid Oversize Scarf Mixed Plaid Oversize Scarf
    Sole Society Mixed Plaid Oversize Scarf
  43. Lightweight Stripe Scarf Lightweight Stripe Scarf
    Sole Society Lightweight Stripe Scarf
  44. Houndstooth Checkered Scarf Houndstooth Checkered Scarf
    Sole Society Houndstooth Checkered Scarf
  45. Oversize Blanket Scarf Oversize Blanket Scarf
    Sole Society Oversize Blanket Scarf
  46. Velvet Burnout Kimono Velvet Burnout Kimono
    Sole Society Velvet Burnout Kimono
  47. Ruffle Trim Poncho Ruffle Trim Poncho
    Sole Society Ruffle Trim Poncho
  48. Kite Pendant Kite Pendant
    Sole Society Kite Pendant
  49. Tassel Necklace Tassel Necklace
    Sole Society Tassel Necklace
  50. Beaded Kite Necklace Beaded Kite Necklace
    Sole Society Beaded Kite Necklace
  51. Fringe Necklace Fringe Necklace
    Sole Society Fringe Necklace
  52. Hinge Cuff Hinge Cuff
    Sole Society Hinge Cuff
  53. Slider Bracelet Slider Bracelet
    Sole Society Slider Bracelet
  54.  Stone Stud  Stone Stud
    Sole Society Stone Stud
  55.  Stone Linear Earrings  Stone Linear Earrings
    Sole Society Stone Linear Earrings
  56. Drama Earrings Drama Earrings
    Sole Society Drama Earrings
  57. Baguette Drop Earrings Baguette Drop Earrings
    Sole Society Baguette Drop Earrings
  58.  Illusion Stacked Ring  Illusion Stacked Ring
    Sole Society Illusion Stacked Ring
  59. Crystal Polymer Earrings Crystal Polymer Earrings
    Sole Society Crystal Polymer Earrings
  60. Layered Pendant Layered Pendant
    Sole Society Layered Pendant

197 results

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Women’s Accessories

Every girl knows that no outfit is complete without the right accessories. The right scarf, hat, necklace, or pair of earrings can take your outfit to a whole new level. At Sole Society, we know the importance of having the right fashion accessories in your wardrobe, which is why we’ve partnered with some of the best names in fashion to bring you a curated collection.

Accessories We Offer

At Sole Society, we know that no girl can ever have too many accessories at her disposal. We’ve curated our collection of accessories to keep up with your ever-evolving style. From statement stud earrings to dainty gold necklaces to scarves to hats—no matter what you need to complete your next outfit, you can find it here at Sole Society.

Styling Tips

With activewear, nothing is off limits—bold prints, vibrant solids, eclectic patterns. These new standards for activewear make it fun to get sweaty and work out. We’ve curated our collection of activewear to ensure that this new standard is reflected in your wardrobe. Pair solids with complementary bold prints and don’t shy away from mixing patterns.