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  1. Vince Camuto
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  1. Ramsey Denim Duster Ramsey Denim Duster
    Sanctuary Ramsey Denim Duster
  2. Robbie 5 Pkt Fashion Crop Robbie 5 Pkt Fashion Crop
    Sanctuary Robbie 5 Pkt Fashion Crop
  3. World On Fire Jacket World On Fire Jacket
    BlankNYC World On Fire Jacket
  4. G n a r l y G n a r l y
    BlankNYC G n a r l y
  5. Empty Threat Jeans Empty Threat Jeans
    BlankNYC Empty Threat Jeans
  6. Play Hard Shorts Play Hard Shorts
    BlankNYC Play Hard Shorts
  7. Midtown Madness Shorts Midtown Madness Shorts
    BlankNYC Midtown Madness Shorts
  8. Florence Straight Leg Florence Straight Leg
    EVIDNT Florence Straight Leg
  9. Vintage Straight Shadow Jean Vintage Straight Shadow Jean
    Sanctuary Vintage Straight Shadow Jean
  10. Damage Control Damage Control
    BlankNYC Damage Control
  11. Gotham Gotham
    BlankNYC Gotham
  12. Indigo 5 Pkt Skinny Jean Indigo 5 Pkt Skinny Jean
    Vince Camuto Indigo 5 Pkt Skinny Jean
  13. Black Denim 5 Pkt Skinny Jean Black Denim 5 Pkt Skinny Jean
    Vince Camuto Black Denim 5 Pkt Skinny Jean
  14. Etoile Pant Etoile Pant
    Capulet Etoile Pant
  15. Let Go Denim Let Go Denim
    BlankNYC Let Go Denim
  16. Midi Fray Denim Short Midi Fray Denim Short
    Sanctuary Midi Fray Denim Short
    Special Price $44.50 Regular Price $89.00
  17. Great White White Great White White
    BlankNYC Great White White
  18. Group Love Denim Jacket Group Love Denim Jacket
    BlankNYC Group Love Denim Jacket
    Special Price $99.00 Regular Price $198.00
  19. Admiral Skinny Admiral Skinny
    Sanctuary Admiral Skinny
    Special Price $49.50 Regular Price $99.00

19 results

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Women’s Denim

At Sole Society, you’ll always find the perfect denim gear in the right fit and wash.We’ve partnered with some of the best names in fashion to bring you a carefully curated collection of denim apparel for any time of year. Shop our denim tops, jeans, and more above.

Styles We Offer

Denim is timeless. This sturdy fabric has been go-to for men and women since the beginning of time and we don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. At Sole Society, we’ve compiled some of the best denim gear so you can stock up on this always-on-trend staple. From jeans and shorts to jean jackets and tops, you’ll find just what you’re looking for at Sole Society.

Styling Tips

For some, finding the right pair of jeans is like finding a needle in a haystack. At Sole Society, we make it easy to find the perfect fitting pair of jeans and other denim gear. All of our jeans come in a vast variety of sizes and fits to ensure you always get the perfect fit. No matter if you’re looking for high-waisted jeans or sleek skinnies, you’ll find at here at Sole Society.