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    EVIDNT Brunswick Embroidered Short
  4. Martine Short Martine Short
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  6. Midi Fray Denim Short Midi Fray Denim Short
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  7. Play Hard Shorts Play Hard Shorts
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  8. Midtown Madness Shorts Midtown Madness Shorts
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    Moon River Pleated Shorts With Waist Tie
  10. Jayden Shorts
    ASTR Jayden Shorts
  11. Pull On Trooper Short Pull On Trooper Short
    Sanctuary Pull On Trooper Short
  12. Raw Hem Short Raw Hem Short
    EVIDNT Raw Hem Short
  13. 2Pkt Tie Waist Tencel Shorts 2Pkt Tie Waist Tencel Shorts
    Vince Camuto 2Pkt Tie Waist Tencel Shorts
  14. Great White Shorts Great White Shorts
    BlankNYC Great White Shorts
  15. Panic Prevention Shorts Panic Prevention Shorts
    BlankNYC Panic Prevention Shorts
  16. Muse Tie Waist Short Muse Tie Waist Short
    Sanctuary Muse Tie Waist Short

16 results

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Women’s Shorts

Sky’s out, thighs out—when the weather changes from rigid to phenomenal, so does your wardrobe. At Sole Society, we know that your summer and spring are calling for you to update your wardrobe with perfectly fitted and flattering shorts. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the best names in fashion to bring you a series of cute, casual, and contemporary shorts. Shop our entire collection of women’s shorts above!

Shorts Styles We Offer

Denim shorts, pleated shorts, rolled sorts—our collection is stocked with a wide variety of styles to ensure you’re always on trend. Stay casual with a pair of denim drawstring shorts or go bold with a pair of high-waisted, rolled shorts that will add a touch of elegance to your casual summer outfit. We’ve hand-selected every pair of shorts in our collection to ensure you’re getting the perfect fit for your body and for your personal style.

Styling Tips

Headed to the beach? Jump into a pair of classic, ripped denim shorts for an easy, breezy look that is always in style. Taking a trip to the local farmers market? A pair of high-waisted, rolled shorts, striped tee, and felt floppy hat makes for the perfect cool-girl look that will keep you as fresh as the produce you’re about to snag. No matter where you’re headed, the right pair of shorts from Sole Society will get you there in effortless style.