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  1. Roadtripper Camo Hoodie Roadtripper Camo Hoodie
    Sanctuary Roadtripper Camo Hoodie
  2. Audra Ruffle Hoodie Audra Ruffle Hoodie
    Sanctuary Audra Ruffle Hoodie
  3. Nolita Sweatshirt Nolita Sweatshirt
    Sanctuary Nolita Sweatshirt
  4. Trixie Lace Up Sweater Trixie Lace Up Sweater
    Sanctuary Trixie Lace Up Sweater
  5. SS635-Scarf SS635-Scarf
    Sole Society Long Open Cardigan
  6. SS620-Scarf SS620-Scarf
    Sole Society Collared Knit Coatigan
  7. SS621-Scarf SS621-Scarf
    Sole Society Collared Oversized Coatigan
  8. Tiered Ruffle Sleeve Sweater Tiered Ruffle Sleeve Sweater
    1. State Tiered Ruffle Sleeve Sweater
    Special Price $49.50 Regular Price $99.00
  9. Cocoon Sleeve Textured Sweater Cocoon Sleeve Textured Sweater
    Moon River Cocoon Sleeve Textured Sweater
  10. Mock Neck Drop Shoulder Sweater Mock Neck Drop Shoulder Sweater
    Moon River Mock Neck Drop Shoulder Sweater
  11. Basic V Neck Sweater Basic V Neck Sweater
    Moon River Basic V Neck Sweater
  12. Side Slit Cable Front Sweater Side Slit Cable Front Sweater
    J.O.A. Side Slit Cable Front Sweater
  13. Riley Bare Shoulder Sweater Riley Bare Shoulder Sweater
    Sanctuary Riley Bare Shoulder Sweater
  14. Ruffle Sleeve Sweater Ruffle Sleeve Sweater
    J.O.A. Ruffle Sleeve Sweater
  15. Sasha Sweater Sasha Sweater
    ASTR Sasha Sweater
  16. Fiona Turtleneck Fiona Turtleneck
    Sanctuary Fiona Turtleneck
  17. Chenille Pullover Chenille Pullover
    Sanctuary Chenille Pullover
  18. Urban Cardi Urban Cardi
    Sanctuary Urban Cardi
  20. S/S Scallop Edge Cropped Sweater S/S Scallop Edge Cropped Sweater
    1. State S/S Scallop Edge Cropped Sweater
  21. SS617-Scarf SS617-Scarf
    Sole Society Shawl Collared Oversized Cardigan
  22. SS625-Scarf SS625-Scarf
    Sole Society Two Tone Shawl Cardgian
    Special Price $39.98 Regular Price $79.95
  23. Amaya Sweater Amaya Sweater
    dRA Amaya Sweater
  24. SS465-Scarf SS465-Scarf
    Sole Society Fringe Turtleneck Poncho
    Special Price $37.48 Regular Price $74.95
  25. SS463-Scarf SS463-Scarf
    Sole Society Cable Knit Cardigan
    Special Price $27.98 Regular Price $69.95

25 results

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Women’s Sweaters

Never leave the house without your favorite sweater? Us either. At Sole Society, we know that your outfit isn’t ever complete without a sweater which is why we’ve curated a vast collection of comfortable and stylish sweaters from some of the best names in fashion.

Sweater Styles We Offer

Pullovers, cardigans, cable knits, ponchos name it, you’ll find it on Sole Society. We’ve carefully selected each and every sweater in our collection to fit seamlessly into your unique wardrobe. Throw on an oversized cable knit cardigan for bohemian vibes on the weekend or a cozy poncho and leather leggings for a casual office-friendly look that is perfect for those mornings when you hit the snooze button one too many times—the possibilities are endless.

Styling Tips

On their own, your favorite sweaters aren’t a statement, but when they’re paired with the right look, you become an instant knockout. Your chunky grandpa-esque knit sweater becomes the star of the show when paired with a sweet high-waisted shirt, opaque tights, and a simple tee. Your classic pullover doesn’t stand out until is paired with a leather skirt and timeless black pointed heels. These simple style tips will help take your sweater from an afterthought to the start of the show.