Carry just your essentials in these women's clutches and wallets.

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  1. Clarice Clutch Clarice Clutch
    Sole Society Clarice Clutch
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    Sole Society Nikole Clutch
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  17. Tammi Tammi
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26 results

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Clutches and Wallets

Simplify your bag without sacrificing on style with an always on-trend clutch. The right clutch will make a statement and help you keep all of your essentials right at your fingertips. At Sole Society, we curate our selection of women’s wallets and clutches to ensure they’re always on the pulse of fashion. From avant garde hand-holds to shimmery satchels with just enough room for your wrist to clutches with removable shoulder straps, you’ll find your next perfect clutch at Sole Society.

Clutch & Wallet Styles We Offer

Clutches are the perfect way to minimize your go-to bag for a night out on the town. Our clutches range from butter soft, vegan leather foldovers to tribal prints to glittering metallics, giving you the ability to make a statement as unique as you are.

How to Style with a Clutch

Styling clutches is as easy as grab-and-go. You can make a statement to any outfit with a clutch clad with bold colors or vibrant prints. Incorporate the season’s trendiest colors into your clutch game to grab instant style and head out the door. Keep it timeless with a simple, nude leather clutch to look amazing no matter where you’re headed.