Trendy crossbody bags and belt bags to grab and go.

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  1. Sole Society
  1. Rubie Crossbody Rubie Crossbody
    Sole Society Rubie Crossbody
    Special Price $59.95
  2. Irma Crossbody Irma Crossbody
    Sole Society Irma Crossbody
    Special Price $59.95
  3. Destin Crossbody 2 Destin Crossbody 2
    Sole Society Destin Crossbody 2
    Special Price $59.95
  4. Anora Crossbody Anora Crossbody
    Sole Society Anora Crossbody
    Special Price $54.95
  5. Amber Crossbody Amber Crossbody
    Sole Society Amber Crossbody
    Special Price $59.95
  6. Nayah Crossbody Nayah Crossbody
    Sole Society Nayah Crossbody
    Special Price $64.95
  7. Molly Crossbody Molly Crossbody
    Sole Society Molly Crossbody
    Special Price $59.95
  8. Gigi Crossbody Gigi Crossbody
    Sole Society Gigi Crossbody
    Special Price $59.95
  9. Georgia Crossbody Georgia Crossbody
    Sole Society Georgia Crossbody
    Special Price $29.98 Regular Price $29.98
  10. Christy Crossbody Christy Crossbody
    Sole Society Christy Crossbody
    Special Price $29.98 Regular Price $29.98
  11. Parker Crossbody Parker Crossbody
    Sole Society Parker Crossbody
    Special Price $32.48 Regular Price $32.48
  12. Tyll Mini Crossbody Tyll Mini Crossbody
    Sole Society Tyll Mini Crossbody
    Special Price $29.98 Regular Price $29.98
  13. Cwen Crossbody 2 Cwen Crossbody 2
    Sole Society Cwen Crossbody 2
    Special Price $34.98 Regular Price $34.98
  14. Ava Crossbody Ava Crossbody
    Sole Society Ava Crossbody
    Special Price $35.97 Regular Price $35.97
  15. Jamari Crossbody Jamari Crossbody
    Sole Society Jamari Crossbody
    Special Price $23.98 Regular Price $23.98
  16. Duff Crossbody Duff Crossbody
    Sole Society Duff Crossbody
    Special Price $29.98 Regular Price $29.98
  17. Chele Crossbody Chele Crossbody
    Sole Society Chele Crossbody
    Special Price $29.98 Regular Price $29.98
  18. Helena Crossbody Helena Crossbody
    Sole Society Helena Crossbody
    Special Price $23.98 Regular Price $23.98
  19. Rhonda Crossbody Rhonda Crossbody
    Sole Society Rhonda Crossbody
    Special Price $21.98
  20. Ady Belt Bag Ady Belt Bag
    Sole Society Ady Belt Bag
    Special Price $19.98
  21. Cyne Belt Bag Cyne Belt Bag
    Sole Society Cyne Belt Bag
    Special Price $19.98
  22. Ashby Crossbody Ashby Crossbody
    Sole Society Ashby Crossbody
    Special Price $23.98
  23. Jeana Crossbody Jeana Crossbody
    Sole Society Jeana Crossbody
    Special Price $19.98
  24. Douga Crossbody Douga Crossbody
    Sole Society Douga Crossbody
    Special Price $17.99
  25. Bayle Crossbody Bayle Crossbody
    Sole Society Bayle Crossbody
    Special Price $21.98
  26. Hawna Crossbody Hawna Crossbody
    Sole Society Hawna Crossbody
    Special Price $21.98
  27. Elie Crossbody Elie Crossbody
    Sole Society Elie Crossbody
    Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $19.98
  28. Aira Crossbody Aira Crossbody
    Sole Society Aira Crossbody
    Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $19.98

28 results

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Women’s Crossbody Bags

A crossbody bag is perfect for your busy lifestyle. You’re constantly on the run and you need a bag that won’t get in the way. At Sole Society, we curate our selection of cross body bags to ensure you get the versatility, style, and function you need out of your bag.

Crossbody Styles We Offer

At Sole Society, we have a bag for every girl. A sturdy vegan cross body bag with hand designed detail is perfect for heading into the office and heading out on the weekend. A supple, buttery soft suede will give your outfit a touch of bohemian flair to complement the sunny skies. We fill our collection of cross body bags with styles as unique as you are. Find the perfect bag for you by shopping our curated collection above.

Styling Tips

Grab and go in effortless style with a crossbody bag. In classic canvas and vegan leather, there’s nowhere you can’t go with one of our crossbody bags. For weekday errands, try dressing up your classic jeans and a tee outfit with a structured leather foldover bag. If you’re headed out for drinks with the girls, try a bold print or embellished crossbody to add functionality without compromising on style. The versatility of a crossbody bag is truly endless.