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Versatile totes that are ready for all-day wear and have serious go-with-everything appeal.

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  1. Millie Millie
    Sole Society Millie
  2. Dawson Dawson
    Sole Society Dawson
  3. Deb Deb
    Sole Society Deb
  4. Jaya Jaya
    Sole Society Jaya
  5. Nico Nico
    Sole Society Nico
  6. Roman Roman
    Sole Society Roman
  7. Adelina Tote Adelina Tote
    Sole Society Adelina Tote
  8. Inez Tote Inez Tote
    Sole Society Inez Tote
  9. Hester Tote Hester Tote
    Sole Society Hester Tote
  10. Rubie Tote Rubie Tote
    Sole Society Rubie Tote
  11. Trish Trish
    Sole Society Trish
  12. Wesley Wesley
    Sole Society Wesley
  13. Harley Harley
    Sole Society Harley
  14. Camiren Camiren
    Sole Society Camiren
  15. Paula Paula
    Sole Society Paula
    Special Price $44.97 Regular Price $74.95
  16. Jamari Jamari
    Sole Society Jamari
  17. Jensen Jensen
    Sole Society Jensen
  18. Decklan Decklan
    Sole Society Decklan
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  19. Vale Vale
    Sole Society Vale
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  20. Susan Susan
    Sole Society Susan
  21. Glenn Glenn
    Sole Society Glenn
  22. Rome Rome
    Sole Society Rome
    Special Price $34.98 Regular Price $69.95
  23. Cindy Cindy
    Sole Society Cindy
    Special Price $44.97 Regular Price $74.95
  24. Amal Amal
    Sole Society Amal
    Special Price $33.48 Regular Price $66.95
  25. Miller Miller
    Sole Society Miller
  26. Zalia Zalia
    Vince Camuto Zalia
  27. Rooney Rooney
    Sole Society Rooney
    Special Price $25.98 Regular Price $64.95
  28. Zyla Zyla
    Sole Society Zyla
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  29. Karlie Karlie
    Sole Society Karlie

29 results

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Women’s Totes

Every woman needs a classic tote. Your perfectly styled tote is the ultimate accessory for your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re heading out for the weekend or simply running errands all day, your tote will become your carryall for any occasion. At Sole Society, we’ve hand selected every tote in our collection to get you where you’re going in style. From classic shapes to foldovers to structured and polished, we have a perfect tote for your personal style.

Tote Styles We Offer

The tote is every woman’s go-to bag. The larger body and pockets inside let you keep all of your most important belongings right where you want them. At Sole Society, we’ve hand selected every tote in our collection to seamlessly blend into any wardrobe. Bold prints, vegan leather, silky suede, and tassels galore are just a few of the many styles of totes we offer. Choose a signature Sole Society bag or rock one from one of your favorite brands—we know you’ll find something you love.

Styling Tips

Totes are one of the most versatile bags you can have in your closet. Pair a structured black leather tote with a pair of tailored slacks and crisp white button down for a timeless look that is always appreciated from nine to five. Headed out for the weekend? Become the most on-trend weekend warrior with a printed fabric tote, midi linen dress, and a pair of lace up sandals. Your versatile new tote is ready to go wherever you go.