Travel Bags

Going somewhere? Find a sleek and stylish travel bag, carry-on tote or duffle for your next getaway. 

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  1. Sole Society
  1. Irma Weekender Irma Weekender
    Sole Society Irma Weekender
    Special Price $89.95
  2. Mason Weekender Mason Weekender
    Sole Society Mason Weekender
    Special Price $89.95
  3. Cassidy Weekender Cassidy Weekender
    Sole Society Cassidy Weekender
    Special Price $69.95
  4. Phone Wallet Phone Wallet
    Sole Society Phone Wallet
    Special Price $39.95
  5. Travel Wallet Travel Wallet
    Sole Society Travel Wallet
    Special Price $29.95
  6. Georgia Belt Bag Georgia Belt Bag
    Sole Society Georgia Belt Bag
    Special Price $32.97 Regular Price $32.97
  7. Audrey Belt Bag Audrey Belt Bag
    Sole Society Audrey Belt Bag
    Special Price $54.95
  8. Devon Weekender Devon Weekender
    Sole Society Devon Weekender
    Special Price $89.95
  9. Candice Weekender Candice Weekender
    Sole Society Candice Weekender
    Special Price $55.97 Regular Price $55.97
  10. Grant Weekender Grant Weekender
    Sole Society Grant Weekender
    Special Price $79.95
  11. TZ Card Case TZ Card Case
    Sole Society TZ Card Case
    Special Price $12.48 Regular Price $12.48
  12. Medina Weekender Medina Weekender
    Sole Society Medina Weekender
    Special Price $35.98

12 results

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Women’s Travel Bags

Wherever you’re going, get there in effortless style with a quality crafted travel bag. At Sole Society, we know that that best part of traveling is snapping that perfect weekend-warrior pic and just wait for the likes and comments to pour in. That’s why we’ve hand selected every bag you see in our travel bag collection to ensure you always look your best, without having to compromise on space.

Styles of Travel Bags We Offer

Is that sad duffle bag that you’ve had for years collecting dust in your closet? Toss that bad boy out and upgrade yourself to a new stylish weekender. Think stylish duffles, classic totes, and luxurious overnight bags that are designed to pack all of your essentials—all while being one of the most stylish bags in your closet. From vegan leather weekender bags to cool canvas to quality nylon, our bags are built with your next trip in mind.

How to Style Your Travel Bag

Your travel bag needs minimal styling—it goes with just about everything. Want to travel in ultimate comfort? Try pairing your all-black activewear look with a black leather weekender for a cool and comfortable look that is always appreciated. If you want to travel in style, pair your skinny ankle jeans, chunky knit, and booties with a cognac leather travel bag for a casual and timeless look.