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Layer your look with our denim jackets, sleek blazers, faux fur coats and more.

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  1. So Icy So Icy
    BlankNYC So Icy
    Special Price $48.98 Regular Price $97.95
  2. Hazelnut Hazelnut
    BlankNYC Hazelnut
    Special Price $83.98 Regular Price $167.95
  3. Army Brat Army Brat
    BlankNYC Army Brat
    Special Price $63.98 Regular Price $127.95
  4. It Takes Two It Takes Two
    BlankNYC It Takes Two
    Special Price $29.39 Regular Price $97.95
  5. X-Factor X-Factor
    BlankNYC X-Factor
    Special Price $29.39 Regular Price $97.95
  6. Ice Road Trucker Ice Road Trucker
    BlankNYC Ice Road Trucker
    Special Price $56.40 Regular Price $188.00
  7. World On Fire Jacket World On Fire Jacket
    BlankNYC World On Fire Jacket
    Special Price $38.40 Regular Price $128.00

7 results

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Women’s Jackets

Often times, your jacket is the pièce de résistance to your outfit. It’s the final thing you put on before you head out, but the first thing people see, so make sure it’s good. At Sole Society, we’re here to help you step up your jacket game so you can fill your wardrobe with tons of statement outerwear. We’ve partnered with some of the best names in fashion to bring you a curated collection of jackets and outerwear at the best possible prices.

Jacket Styles We Offer

At Sole Society, we’re constantly updating our collection of women’s jackets to ensure it’s stocked with the best finds—timeless leather jackets, cool bomber jackets, always-on-trend jean jackets, and stylish coats. Whatever you’re looking for, no matter the time of year, you’ll find it here at Sole Society.

Styling Tips

You can never go wrong with a leather jacket—drinks with the girls, running the office, date night, and more. Let your cool bomber jacket speak for itself by pairing it with dark wash skinnies and a simple tee. Pair your jean jacket with literally anything for a classic cool-girl look that’s always in style. At Sole Society, we have a jacket for just about any occasion. Scroll up to start shopping our outerwear.