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A collection of carry-everywhere, spacious messenger bags.

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Women’s Messenger Bags

Whether you’re headed off to class, to a meeting, or out on the town, a messenger bag is your carry-everywhere bag. Not as bulky as a tote and not as quaint as a crossbody, the messenger bag has just the right amount of space to keep all of your essentials. At Sole Society, we hand select our collection of messenger bags to fit your unique style.

Styles We Offer

A structured, leather messenger bag will appreciate for a lifetime—every girl needs one in her arsenal. That’s why we hand select and create some of the best messenger bags out there. From exotic prints to vegan leather to velvety soft suede, you’ll find the perfect messenger bag for your style.

Styling Tips

Your messenger bag is designed to keep all your essentials for a jam-packed day by your side. Sling a supple leather bag over your shoulder and hit the road for a day full of adventure. Pair your leather messenger with dark wash jeans, a white tee, and a pair of matching nude flats for an effortless that will appreciate no matter where the day takes you. Your messenger is made to keep you ready for whatever is thrown your way.