ED Ellen Degeneres : Sandals

Get pedi-ready with open-air pairs like slide-ons, gladiators and embellished women's sandals.

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ED Ellen Degeneres Sandals

The ED Ellen Degeneres brand gives a modern, masculine touch to classic women’s footwear. ED Ellen Degeneres sandals are no different. Every pair is designed with quality fabrics and composition to ensure their unique style holds true through many wears. Designed from high-quality materials like leather and suede, the unique styles from ED Ellen Degeneres are built to last. Take a look at our top ED Ellen Degeneres picks now!

About ED Ellen Degeneres

Chances are, you’ve heard the name Ellen Degeneres. She has become a household name for all things entertainment. Her positive outlook on life, big heart, and passion to tell others’ stories have made her one of the most appreciated entertainers of our generation. Ellen is more than just that—she has become an innovator in fashion. She’s blurred the lines between femininity and masculinity to create a truly unique style that women around the world love to replicate. She and her business partners at Burch Capital Creative created ED Ellen Degeneres to make her popular style more accessible to you. Shop all of our ED Ellen Degeneres products now!

Styling Tips

Sandals from ED Ellen Degeneres are not what you’d expect. The brand has put a new spin on the classic sandal to create their signature Noralee. Pair this sandal with a pair of relaxed fitting jeans and a classic white tee to run errands in style. Ditch your traditional flip-flops for the beach or park and try these with your favorite pair of jean shorts, casual button up, and a cross body bag. These sandals are designed to keep you stylish and comfortable for all of your weekend activities.