Louise et Cie : Sandals

Get pedi-ready with open-air pairs like slide-ons, gladiators and embellished women's sandals.

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Louise Et Cie Sandals

Gone are the days of flip-flops. Your contemporary style needs a pair of sandals that won’t disrupt your wardrobe. Louise Et Cie sandals are the perfect choice. Made from premium materials such as leather and suede, these high-fashion sandals are made for you. Their off-the-runway look and feel make for a great addition to your summer and spring look. See the best of Louise Et Cie sandals now.

About Louise Et Cie

High-fashion footwear takes form with the help of the high-fashion designers at Louise Et Cie. This brand by Vince Camuto exudes all things contemporary. Modern lines, unique fabrics, and quality composition make up the baseline for every pair of shoes the brand creates. Louise Et Cie’s sophisticated footwear is always a must-have for ladies like you. Take your wardrobe to the next level with a new pair of shoes from Louise Et Cie.

Styling Tips

A pair of sandals from Louise Et Cie aren’t for the beach. Take your new pair of leather or suede styles out for brunch, for a stroll down the boardwalk, or to the nearest museum. These flat slides are designed to be a comfortable addition to your sophisticated wardrobe. The clean lines and modern styles dress up a pair of baggy, ripped shorts and white button down and they dress down your favorite pair of chinos.