Sanctuary : Tees

Round out your wardrobe with a collection of ultra soft v-neck and crew neck t-shirts in fun prints and fabrics. 

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  1. Lou Tie Tee Lou Tie Tee
    Sanctuary Lou Tie Tee
  2. Ruby Scoop Tee Ruby Scoop Tee
    Sanctuary Ruby Scoop Tee
  3. Countryside Remix Tee Countryside Remix Tee
    Sanctuary Countryside Remix Tee
  4. Beacon Destroy Tee Beacon Destroy Tee
    Sanctuary Beacon Destroy Tee
  5. Beacon Tee Beacon Tee
    Sanctuary Beacon Tee
  6. Hanna Tee Hanna Tee
    Sanctuary Hanna Tee
  7. Sutter Stripe Linen Tee Sutter Stripe Linen Tee
    Sanctuary Sutter Stripe Linen Tee
    Special Price $37.80 Regular Price $54.00
  8. Camina Ruffle Tee Camina Ruffle Tee
    Sanctuary Camina Ruffle Tee
    Special Price $37.77 Regular Price $53.95
  9. Nora Mix Tee Nora Mix Tee
    Sanctuary Nora Mix Tee
    Special Price $24.50 Regular Price $49.00
  10. Ulla Eyelet Top Ulla Eyelet Top
    Sanctuary Ulla Eyelet Top
    Special Price $29.50 Regular Price $59.00
  11. Uptown Tee Uptown Tee
    Sanctuary Uptown Tee
    Special Price $22.00 Regular Price $44.00
  12. Vivianna Tee Vivianna Tee
    Sanctuary Vivianna Tee
    Special Price $23.60 Regular Price $59.00
  13. Bowery Thermal Bare Tee Bowery Thermal Bare Tee
    Sanctuary Bowery Thermal Bare Tee
    Special Price $27.60 Regular Price $69.00

13 results

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Women’s T Shirts

Dressed up or dressed down, tee shirts as versatile as they are comfortable. At Sole Society, we’ve curated a collection of tee’s that are perfect for any occasion and any time of day. Play up a classic white tee at the office, then take it down a notch with a classic pair of baggy blue jeans—the right tee shirt will effortlessly blend into your day.

Styles We Offer

Ruffled, graphic, or printed, we offer a wide selection of tees. We’ve curated our selection of tees to seamlessly blend into your unique wardrobe. No matter if you live a free bohemian lifestyle or prefer a rocker vibe, we’ve got the perfect selection of tees just for you. Made with only the best, most comfortable fabrics, our tees will easily go where you go.

Styling Tips

At Sole Society, we believe that the right fitting tee shirt is a girl’s best friend. In the right tee, you can head anywhere in complete confidence. Head out for a day of running errands in a classic white tee, rock a long sleeve black tee with some black skinny jeans for a classic cool-girl look, or style a tee with details with a pair of slacks for a comfortable, professional look any day of the week—the possibilities are endless.