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  1. Genavieve Choker Top Genavieve Choker Top
    Sanctuary Genavieve Choker Top
  2. Rosamund Knit Top Rosamund Knit Top
    Sanctuary Rosamund Knit Top
  3. Airy Night Airy Night
    Sanctuary Airy Night
  4. Holly V-neck Tee Holly V-neck Tee
    Sanctuary Holly V-neck Tee
  5. Open Back Sweater Open Back Sweater
    Sanctuary Open Back Sweater
  6. Into the Mystic Into the Mystic
    Sanctuary Into the Mystic
  7. Kenzie Ruched Top Kenzie Ruched Top
    Sanctuary Kenzie Ruched Top
  8. Melrose Bridage Velour Hoodie Melrose Bridage Velour Hoodie
    Sanctuary Melrose Bridage Velour Hoodie
  9. La Brea Velour Pullover La Brea Velour Pullover
    Sanctuary La Brea Velour Pullover
  10. Velour Track Jogger Velour Track Jogger
    Sanctuary Velour Track Jogger
  11. TrackSport Stripe Pant TrackSport Stripe Pant
    Sanctuary TrackSport Stripe Pant
  12. Amare V-Neck Sweater Amare V-Neck Sweater
    Sanctuary Amare V-Neck Sweater
  13. Roll Neck Sweater Roll Neck Sweater
    Sanctuary Roll Neck Sweater
  14. Free Spirit Fur Coat Free Spirit Fur Coat
    Sanctuary Free Spirit Fur Coat
  15. Cori Ruffle Wrap Blouse Cori Ruffle Wrap Blouse
    Sanctuary Cori Ruffle Wrap Blouse
  16. Bespoke Long & Lean Duster Bespoke Long & Lean Duster
    Sanctuary Bespoke Long & Lean Duster
  17. Pintuck Crop Legging Pintuck Crop Legging
    Sanctuary Pintuck Crop Legging
  18. Essentials Skirt Essentials Skirt
    Sanctuary Essentials Skirt
  19. Essential Turtleneck Dress Essential Turtleneck Dress
    Sanctuary Essential Turtleneck Dress
  20. Work Shirt Work Shirt
    Sanctuary Work Shirt
  21. Ramsey Denim Duster Ramsey Denim Duster
    Sanctuary Ramsey Denim Duster
  22. Fast Track Zip Chino Fast Track Zip Chino
    Sanctuary Fast Track Zip Chino

22 results

Columns Short Full
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Sort by: Position

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Clothes are more than just clothes, they’re an extension of your personality. In the right apparel, you can conquer the world. You look and feel your best and that feeling radiates out of you, giving you a newfound sense of confidence. At Sole Society, it is our mission to help you feel that sense of confidence each and every day. We’ve partnered with some of the best names in fashion to bring you a curated collection of women’s apparel at affordable prices. We’ve also taken inspiration from our favorite fashion brands and stylists to create a collection of signature apparel that is constantly updated to keep up with the latest trends. To shop the latest apparel trends, scroll up!

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We believe there’s a better way to style. Rather than breaking the bank on one piece of designer clothing, why not update your wardrobe full of timeless and trendy pieces that last? At Sole Society, we obsess over the latest trends to bring you a curated collection of on-trend clothing at affordable prices. When you shop at Sole Society, you’ll always keep your wardrobe and your wallet full. For the best in apparel, shoes, and accessories, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll up to start shopping our new apparel arrivals before they’re gone.