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Go handsfree with our stylish collection of women's backpacks.

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  1. Rubie Backpack Rubie Backpack
    Sole Society Rubie Backpack
  2. Kaii Backpack Kaii Backpack
    Sole Society Kaii Backpack
  3. Ledo Backpack Ledo Backpack
    Sole Society Ledo Backpack
  4. Destin Backpack Destin Backpack
    Sole Society Destin Backpack
  5. Aushan Backpack Aushan Backpack
    Sole Society Aushan Backpack
  6. Happy Backpack Happy Backpack
    Sole Society Happy Backpack
  7. Dipia Backpack Dipia Backpack
    Sole Society Dipia Backpack
  8. Emery Backpack Emery Backpack
    Sole Society Emery Backpack
  9. Nycky Backpack Nycky Backpack
    Sole Society Nycky Backpack
    Special Price $35.97 Regular Price $59.95
  10. Jamya Backpack Jamya Backpack
    Sole Society Jamya Backpack
    Special Price $27.48 Regular Price $54.95
  11. Drury Backpack Drury Backpack
    Sole Society Drury Backpack
    Special Price $27.98 Regular Price $69.95
  12. Hingi Backpack Hingi Backpack
    Sole Society Hingi Backpack
    Special Price $34.98 Regular Price $69.95
  13. Buhck Backpack Buhck Backpack
    Sole Society Buhck Backpack
    Special Price $32.48 Regular Price $64.95
  14. Hawna Backpack Hawna Backpack
    Sole Society Hawna Backpack
    Special Price $34.17 Regular Price $56.95
  15. Suki Shoulder Suki Shoulder
    Sole Society Suki Shoulder
    Special Price $29.98 Regular Price $59.95

15 results

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Women’s Backpacks

Backpacks are the new norm for girl bosses everywhere. Not only are they the cutest things in the world, but they also provide you with endless versatility and function. Your backpack purse holds just enough so you can keep up with wherever the day takes you without weighing you down or being too clunky. Whether you’re headed for a day of fun in the city or traveling the world, a backpack purse will become your new go-to.

Styles We Offer

Large or small, leather or linen, we have backpacks in all shapes and sizes. At Sole Society, we have a wide range of backpack purses that are designed to give you the comfort and versatility you crave in a bag. We’re always updating our collection to make sure your closet is always up to date on the latest trends. Our collection includes vegan backpacks, mini packs, drawstring backpacks, leather bags, and more.

Backpack Styling Tips

Headed to the office? Try a leather, stud-clad backpack to add a bit of edge to your look. If you’re headed for a stroll in the park with your pals, try a larger, fabric pack that can hold your essentials and stand up to wear. You’ll find that every backpack in our curated collection is made for girls on the go that always want to look and feel their best.