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Go from day to night with our assortment of clutches, wristlets and wallets. 

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  1. Claudia Clutch Claudia Clutch
    Sole Society Claudia Clutch
    Special Price $49.95
  2. Chelsea Clutch Chelsea Clutch
    Sole Society Chelsea Clutch
    Special Price $54.95
  3. Kwaye Clutch Kwaye Clutch
    Sole Society Kwaye Clutch
    Special Price $49.95
  4. Hallie Clutch Hallie Clutch
    Sole Society Hallie Clutch
    Special Price $49.95
  5. Helena Clutch Helena Clutch
    Sole Society Helena Clutch
    Special Price $59.95
  6. Duff Clutch Duff Clutch
    Sole Society Duff Clutch
    Special Price $54.95
  7. Loray Clutch Loray Clutch
    Sole Society Loray Clutch
    Special Price $49.95
  8. Tasia Clutch Tasia Clutch
    Sole Society Tasia Clutch
    Special Price $39.95
  9. Marlena Clutch Marlena Clutch
    Sole Society Marlena Clutch
    Special Price $49.95
  10. Colia Clutch Colia Clutch
    Sole Society Colia Clutch
    Special Price $38.47 Regular Price $38.47
  11. Ady Convertible Clutch Ady Convertible Clutch
    Sole Society Ady Convertible Clutch
    Special Price $29.98 Regular Price $29.98
  12. Missa Metallic Clutch
    Sole Society Missa Metallic Clutch
    Special Price $17.98 Regular Price $17.98
  13. Jeana Clutch Jeana Clutch
    Sole Society Jeana Clutch
    Special Price $21.98 Regular Price $21.98
  14. Kiya Clutch Kiya Clutch
    Sole Society Kiya Clutch
    Special Price $27.48 Regular Price $27.48
  15. Kylia Clutch Kylia Clutch
    Sole Society Kylia Clutch
    Special Price $23.98 Regular Price $23.98
  16. Kodi Clutch Kodi Clutch
    Sole Society Kodi Clutch
    Special Price $21.98 Regular Price $21.98
  17. Tasia Pouch Tasia Pouch
    Sole Society Tasia Pouch
    Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $19.98
  18. Jakia Clutch Jakia Clutch
    Sole Society Jakia Clutch
    Special Price $21.98 Regular Price $21.98
  19. Darci Clutch Darci Clutch
    Sole Society Darci Clutch
    Special Price $20.99 Regular Price $20.99

19 results

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Sole Society Clutches

Compact, stylish, and versatile, clutches are a timeless accessory for the modern day woman. With just enough room for all of your essentials, clutches make for the perfect grab-and-go bag for a night out on the town or a quick errand. At Sole Society, we’ve created a unique collection of clutches that are designed with the go-getter in mind. Made from quality materials and infused with effortless style, there’s something for every style in our collection. Shop them all now.

About Sole Society

Sole Society creates and curates fashion for the modern day woman, With some of the best names in fashion in our pocket, we’ve created a one-stop-shop for all forms of fashion—high end to every day. We’re always scouting the newest trends and fashions to blend into our vast collection of footwear, accessories, and clothing. Our passion to bring the latest trends accessible to every fashionista never ceases. Take a look at some of our signature pieces here and shop our entire collection today.

How to Style Clutches

Clutches are super simple to style. Whether you’re semi-formal in a form-fitting cocktail dress or in jean shorts and a tee, a clutch can give your outfit that little extra boost of sophistication in needs. For a more casual look, try a clutch with nude colors or bold fabrics. For a classy addition to your formal dress, try a clutch with a premium material, like leather or suede. With the right clutch, your outfit will have heads turning no matter where you go.