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Stylish and spacious satchels that can easily be carried everywhere for all occasions.

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Satchels from Sole Society

Leather, sturdy, timeless—these are the components of a quality satchel. At Sole Society, we create satchels with these three words in mind. All of our satchels are designed with quality construction, sturdy fabric, and sophisticated silhouettes so you can bring your essentials with you and always look and feel your best. Shop all of our signature satchels now.

About Sole Society

Sole Society is a central hub for fashion lovers to come together and find some of today’s hottest pieces. We create and curate on-trend shoes, handbags, clothing, accessories, and more so you never have to hunt for that specific item you’re looking for. We’re dedicated to fashion and to you—we’re always looking for the best ways to get you the latest trends. See what we have on our shelves now!

How to Style a Satchel

Take your outfit from laid back and casual to polished and preppy with a satchel. The structured look and feel will complement your preppy look with ease. Pair the structured bag with a perfectly pressed button up, high waisted skirt, and slouchy cardigan for an effortlessly school-girl chic look that’s perfect for the office and beyond. Shop all of our signature satchel bags to add that little hint of sophistication your wardrobe craves.