Women's High Heel Boots

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Women's High Heel Boots

No woman’s wardrobe is complete without an essential pair of high heel boots. Sole Society’s selection of high heel boots has been created to enhance the look of traditional boots with head-turning heels in a variety of sexy styles that provide a uniquely alluring appeal.


1. What does Sole Society offer in terms of women's high heel boots?

From raised wedges to come heels to stacked block heels and so much more, our carefully curated collection of bold high heel boots really know how to make a statement. Choose between styles that offer an elevated level of sophistication including slouchy suedes, zipper details, and lace-up embellishments, just to name a few.


2. Are Sole Society high heel boots comfortable?

At Sole Society, we value three things: style, price, and comfort. Every pair of shoes that we offer is tested and worn by real women to ensure the highest quality, best wear, and longest lasting materials. While high heels can cause discomfort after extended hours of wear, we help you get ahead of this inevitable issue with inserts and cushions to keep you comfortable throughout the day and into the night. We know that your shoes are your favorite part of your outfit, so we strive to help make every pair as comfortable as possible.


3. How to pick the right size and width?

Finding a perfect fitting pair of shoes can be a bit tricky, especially when you’re shopping online. Thankfully, we’re making it a little easier. For every pair of women’s high heel boots that we offer, we provide a fitting guide and a few notes from our style team. You’ll know if a boot runs big or small, narrow or wide, or snug or loose.


4. What materials are the high heel boots made of?

At Sole Society, we like to have a wide variety of women’s high heel boots available at all times. Some of the most popular materials you’ll see adorned on the boots in our shop might be suede, leather, vegan leather, haircalf, shearling, and more. These are some of the highest quality materials used to construct shoes. No matter what materials we use, we always test every pair to make sure you get the longest lasting wear.


5. How do you take care of women's high heel boots?

Caring for your high heel boots is simple. Depending on the material used, you’ll need a few tools. For suede boots, invest in a suede brush to keep the suede supple and fresh. For leather boots, try a leather conditioner to keep them safe from the elements and free of cracking or damage. For haircalf and shearling, most shoe cleaners will do the trick to get out signs of wear. You can also try some white vinegar for a softer approach.