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  1. Sole Society
  1. Maleah Maleah
    Sole Society Maleah
    Special Price $26.99 Regular Price $26.99
  2. Katarina Katarina
    Sole Society Katarina
    Special Price $89.95
    Sole Society EDELYN
    Special Price $89.95
  4. Andorra Andorra
    Sole Society Andorra
    Special Price $44.98
  5. Tracy Tracy
    Sole Society TRACY
    Special Price $99.95

5 results

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Mid Heels

Mid heels are every girls go-to. Not quite kitten and not quite high, these medium height heels make for the perfect amount. Whether you like them strappy, classic, or bold, mid heels can take your outfit to the next level. Shop all of our mid heels here and start strutting a whole new look.

What to Wear with Mid Heels

Mid heels are great for any occasion, but we love a good mid heel at a wedding. Not only will the family approve of your modest shoe, but they’re also dance floor approved. Paired with a cocktail dress, you can dance the night away without having to stop to give your feet a break. They’re also great for the office too. When you have back to back meetings, the last thing that you need is high heels slowing you down. In a classic pair of nude mid heels, you’ll be the star of the office.

Shop Mid Heels from Your Favorite Brands

At Sole Society, we partner with some of the best brands in the industry to bring you a unique collection of curated mid heels. We also take inspiration from the latest trends in fashion to develop our own signature line of women’s heels that are both affordable and fashionable. Shop our entire collection of mid heels here!