Women's No-Heel Booties

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Women's No-Heel Booties

Get the style of booties and the comfort of flats with our carefully curated selection of sexy no-heel booties for women. Each bootie comes with a minimal sole and heel for total comfort and versatility. Find your perfect pair of no-heel booties for a variety of occasions at Sole Society.


1. What does Sole Society offer in terms of women's no-heel booties?

We have a wide array of gorgeous no-heel bootie styles to choose from. Browse refined designs featuring buckles, buttons, ruffles, and zippers, all made with the highest quality materials like leather, suede, and haircalf. Take advantage of our ever-expanding collection for sexy, sophisticated cutout details that aren’t afraid to show a little skin while you’re at it.


2. Are Sole Society no-heel booties comfortable?

Flat booties are one of the most comfortable styles of shoe. Depending on the specific style of the bootie, there might be ankle support to keep your feet even more comfortable, especially when you have to walk from point A to point B. At Sole Society, we only source the best, most comfortable and stylish pairs of no-heel booties out there. We test them to make sure they are constructed with care and made from the best materials out there.


3. How to pick the right size and width?

When you can’t try the shoe on, it can be hard to know what size you will need. To help with this problem, we’ve added a few helpful notes. Once you’ve found a bootie that’s caught your eye, click on it. Below the image, there will be a brief description of the style of the bootie. In that description, we’ve listed a few fitting notes that may help you make a better decision when shopping. You can find out if the shoe runs large, small, wide or narrow.


4. What materials are the no-heel booties made of?

At Sole Society, we love providing you with the most versatile collection of booties. In our collection of no-heel booties, you will find a wide variety of materials. We choose shoes based on comfort, quality, and style, so you know you’re always getting something great. In our shop, the materials that we value most are leather, suede, haircalf, shearling, and more. These materials are designed to give you the most style, ultimate comfort, and the longest lasting wear.  


5. How do you take care of women's no-heel booties?

Caring for your flat boots is crucial, but also really easy. If you have your sights set on a pair of leather booties, make sure that you pick up a leather conditioner as well. Using a leather conditioner will help keep the leather in pristine condition for years on end. When you find a pair of suede no-heel booties that you can’t get your eyes off of, pick up a suede brush as well. A suede brush is a simple tool that can help extend the life of your booties for years. When suede begins to wear, it flattens. When you brush it, you can prevent this from happening, keeping the suede plush.