Women's Suede Boots

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Women's Suede Boots

Make a statement everywhere you go. Our suede boots feature soft to the touch fabrics in a variety of styles and sizes that range all the way from sexy to sophisticated. Make any outfit stand out with gorgeous ankle and over-the-knee designs featuring unique colors and essential neutral tones for extra versatility.


1. What does Sole Society offer in terms of women’s suede boots?

At Sole Society, we have a massive selection of women’s suede boots. We’re always sourcing the best brands, styles, and fits to bring into our shop, so you’re always on trend. Suede booties are tried and true—they are in trend season after season. We’re always looking for the brands that take this classic style to new levels, testing the boundaries of modern fashion.


2. Are Sole Society women’s suede boots comfortable?

We take pride in providing all women with comfortable, affordable, and fashionable booties, so yes! Our team of shoe-lovers takes the time to test, wear, and compare every shoe that we have on our virtual shelves to ensure the utmost quality and comfort. While everyone has different sizes, posture, and width, we try to make sure that every show in our collection fits a wide range of feet comfortably.


3. How to pick the right size and width?

Shopping online for shoes can be a bit tricky, but we’ve added fitting notes and sizing information to help you get the best possible fit. Once you find a bootie that you love, read the description and features section to decide which size is best for you.


4. What materials are the women’s suede boots made of?

At Sole Society, we make sure that every pair of suede boots that we offer is made from the highest quality of suede and we ensure that they are constructed with care. If there are different types of material used to create a specific shoe, we’ll make sure to let you know in the product description below the image of the boot.


5. How do you take care of women’s suede boots?

Caring for suede booties is easy. All you need to keep your suede boots in the best condition is a suede brush and white vinegar. After long days of wear, be sure to brush the suede to keep it from pulling or flattening. If you get any stains or start to see signs of wear on the shoe, dip the brush in white vinegar and gently rub out the stain. Let the bootie completely dry before wearing it again.