Women's Suede Knee High Boots

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Women's Suede Knee High Boots

Sole Society’s collection of knee-high suede boots are made for confident women who know what they want and exactly how to achieve it. This head-turning shoe statement puts every outfit into the spotlight and is an ideal choice for anyone who dares to be noticed. Perhaps best of all, each shoe is made with soft, high-quality suede for a boot that is as stylish as it is comfy.


1. What does Sole Society offer in terms of women's suede knee-high boots?

Indulge in a variety of sophisticated styles to spice up outfits that need a little help transitioning from the workplace to the weekend. Shop sexy black colors or tone things down a bit with gray and tan neutrals. Each of our knee-high boots has been constructed with the finest materials for creating a perfect fit that was built to last. Keep comfortable with a pair of flat heels or stand tall with raised wedges and stacked block heels.


2. Are Sole Society’s suede knee-high boots comfortable?

At Sole Society, we take quality and comfort very seriously. Every shoe that we offer is made from the best materials and constructed with care, giving you the best fit every time. We work with some of the best footwear designers that have strong reputations for quality shoes, so you know that every style in our collection is worth the price.  


3. How to pick the right size and width?

Shopping online for shoes is tricky—we know that. To help, we’ve added some fitting notes to each suede knee-high boot’s description, so you can shop with confidence. If a boot is known to fit a little small for its size, we’ll note it. If there’s a narrow or wide toe, we’ve made sure to list that, so you know the best possible size for your feet.


4. What materials are the suede knee-high boots made of?

At Sole Society, we make sure that every knee-high boot in our collection is made with the highest quality of suede. When suede is cared for and worn correctly, it can last for decades. We want to make sure you get the most wear out of your shoes, which is why we inspect each and every shoe for the highest quality materials. If there is more than one material used on a pair of suede boots, it will be noted and inspected in the same regard.


5. How do you take care of women's suede knee-high boots?

Suede lasts for a long time and with the proper care, it can last even longer. Caring for suede is easy when you invest in a suede brush. After long days of wear and in between wears, brush your boots in one direction. This will keep the suede looking fresh, supple, and free of stains.