Women's Wedge Booties

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Women’s Wedge Booties

Sole Society’s wedge booties give a nod to nostalgia while offering up sexy upgrades specifically designed for today’s sophisticated woman. More than just a bootie, our wedge booties combine the style and comfort of a raised wedge heel for an effortless look with added stability along the sole of this unique shoe.


1. What does Sole Society offer in terms of women's wedge booties?

Whatever your wedge preference, we have plenty of shoe styles to love. We have combined everyone’s favorite boot - the bootie - with wearable platform wedges for all-day appeal. Shop traditional wedges made from wood or cork or try something new such as suede- or leather-covered wedges or our expertly woven espadrille wedges.


2. Are Sole Society wedge booties comfortable?

At Sole Society, we hold your comfort as one of our highest priorities. We know that when a show is uncomfortable, the day can be unbearable. When a pair of shoes catches our eye, we make sure that it is constructed with the utmost care and attention to detail. When a boot is crafted correctly and made from quality materials, you’re sure to get a cozy fit with each and every wear.


3. How to pick the right size and width?

Shopping for shoes online can be a bit of a struggle. At Sole Society, we want to make it as easy as possible to shop with confidence. Right below the wedge booties image you will see a product description which has a few fitting notes that will help you better determine which size is right for you.


4. What materials are the wedge booties made of?

We offer one of the most unique collections of wedge booties online. We source shoes from the best brands and make sure they are constructed with the best materials out there. Some of the materials that you will see in our wedge bootie collection are leather, suede, haircalf, shearling, and more. These materials are some of the most common used to create high-end boots. These materials stand the test of time and will give you the most comfortable wear for years on end.


5. How do you take care of women's wedge booties?

Caring for your wedge booties is crucial for their lifecycle, and thankfully it’s really easy. For leather booties, make sure you apply a coat of leather conditioner before you start wearing them. This will keep the leather supple, smooth, and free of cracks. For suede booties, invest in a suede brush. Brush your wedge booties between wears to rid any buildup of dirt and keep the suede soft.