Our mantra when it comes to accessories like hats, scarves and jewelry: Last thing to go on, first thing noticed.

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  1. Sole Society
  1. SS047-Hat SS047-Hat
    Sole Society wide brim panama hat
  2. SS174-Hat SS174-Hat
    Sole Society Wide Brim Raffia Hat
  3. SS165-Hat SS165-Hat
    Sole Society Wide Brim Straw Hat with Raffia Band
  4. SS633-Scarf SS633-Scarf
    Sole Society American Flag Scarf
  5. Lenox Lenox
    Sole Society Lenox
  6. SS698-Scarf SS698-Scarf
    Sole Society Geometric Patterned Scarf
  7. Robbie Robbie
    Sole Society Robbie
  8. SS736-Scarf SS736-Scarf
    Sole Society Railroad Stripe Scarf
  9. SS710-Scarf SS710-Scarf
    Sole Society Silk Printed Neckerchief
  10. SS712-Scarf SS712-Scarf
    Sole Society Tassel Scarf w/ Fringe Detail
  11. SS224-HAT SS224-HAT
    Sole Society Wide Brim Straw Boater
  12. SS218-Hat SS218-Hat
    Sole Society Straw Sunhat with Floral Embroidery
  13. Sophina Sophina
    Sole Society Sophina
  14. Patrina Patrina
    Sole Society Patrina
  15. Linea Linea
    Sole Society Linea
  16. SS733-Scarf SS733-Scarf
    Sole Society Tropical Floral Print Scarf
  17. SS729-Scarf SS729-Scarf
    Sole Society Falling Floral Kimono
  18. SS699-Scarf SS699-Scarf
    Sole Society Bahama Floral Printed Scarf
  19. SS735-Scarf SS735-Scarf
    Sole Society Silk Floral Neckerchief
  20. SS814-Scarf SS814-Scarf
    Sole Society Stripe Tie Dye Coverup
  21. SS217-Hat SS217-Hat
    Sole Society Sun Hat w/ Sequin Embroidery
  22. SS230-Hat SS230-Hat
    Sole Society Turban Headband
  23. SS228-Hat SS228-Hat
    Sole Society Tropical Pattern Headband
  24. Lani Lani
    Sole Society Lani
  25. Reeso
    Sole Society Reeso
  26. Cassie Cassie
    Sole Society Cassie
  27. Kels Kels
    Sole Society Kels
  28. Blaine
    Sole Society Blaine
  29. Roswel Roswel
    Sole Society Roswel
  30. SS695-Scarf SS695-Scarf
    Sole Society Aztec Jacquard Jacket
    Special Price $39.98 Regular Price $79.95
  31. Larissa Larissa
    Sole Society Larissa
  32. SS691-Scarf SS691-Scarf
    Sole Society Cashmere Blended Layering Scarf
    Special Price $22.17 Regular Price $36.95
  33. Brook Brook
    Sole Society Brook
  34. SS697-Scarf SS697-Scarf
    Sole Society Floral Striped Scarf
  35. Brynn Brynn
    Sole Society Brynn
  36. Ellor Ellor
    Sole Society Ellor
  37. SS700-Scarf SS700-Scarf
    Sole Society Dark Floral Printed Scarf
    Special Price $17.97 Regular Price $29.95
  38. Lori Lori
    Sole Society Lori
  39. SS678-Scarf SS678-Scarf
    Sole Society Floral Embroidered Velvet Kimono
  40. SS160-Hat SS160-Hat
    Sole Society Straw Panama Hat w/ Poms
  41. SS680-Scarf SS680-Scarf
    Sole Society Knit Kimono w/ Lurex
    Special Price $24.98 Regular Price $49.95

41 results

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At Sole Society, we believe that there is a better way to update your wardrobe. We know that it’s important to always be on-trend, but by doing so, your bank account can take hit. We’ve curated and created accessories that allow you to keep your wardrobe fresh and your wallet full. Our online store has become one of the leading resources for the best shoes, hats, scarves, jewelry, and more because we’re constantly updating our collection. You deserve the best. Don’t settle for last season’s fashion—with Sole Society, you’ll always be on the pulse of fashion. Scroll up to start shopping our newest obsessions.