Totes, backpacks, clutches, weekenders and more. Get carried away with new women's bags.

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  1. Sole Society
  2. Vince Camuto
  3. Lucky Brand
  1. Ashby Crossbody Ashby Crossbody
    Sole Society Ashby Crossbody
  2. Millie Tote Millie Tote
    Sole Society Millie Tote
  3. Amber Hobo Amber Hobo
    Lucky Brand Amber Hobo
  4. Chade Convertible Crossbody Chade Convertible Crossbody
    Sole Society Chade Convertible Crossbody
  5. Emery Backpack Emery Backpack
    Sole Society Emery Backpack
  6. Tasia Clutch Tasia Clutch
    Sole Society Tasia Clutch
  7. Bonie Clutch Bonie Clutch
    Sole Society Bonie Clutch
  8. Lilyn Tote Lilyn Tote
    Sole Society Lilyn Tote
  9. Catie Crossbody Catie Crossbody
    Sole Society Catie Crossbody
  10. Brina Barrel Satchel Brina Barrel Satchel
    Sole Society Brina Barrel Satchel
  11. Ashby Tote Ashby Tote
    Sole Society Ashby Tote
  12. Bess Tote Bess Tote
    Sole Society Bess Tote
  13. Palermo Satchel Palermo Satchel
    Sole Society Palermo Satchel
  14. Vulin Weekender Vulin Weekender
    Sole Society Vulin Weekender
  15. Vulin Crossbody Vulin Crossbody
    Sole Society Vulin Crossbody
  16. Apryl Shoulder Apryl Shoulder
    Sole Society Apryl Shoulder
  17. Apryl Crossbody Apryl Crossbody
    Sole Society Apryl Crossbody
  18. Apryl Tote Apryl Tote
    Sole Society Apryl Tote
  19. Ardel Clutch Ardel Clutch
    Sole Society Ardel Clutch
  20. Ardel Tote Ardel Tote
    Sole Society Ardel Tote
  21. Tara Tote Tara Tote
    Sole Society Tara Tote
  22. Avah Tote Avah Tote
    Sole Society Avah Tote
  23. Cassidy Weekender Cassidy Weekender
    Sole Society Cassidy Weekender
  24. Aliz Crossbody Aliz Crossbody
    Vince Camuto Aliz Crossbody
  25. Inly Crossbody Inly Crossbody
    Lucky Brand Inly Crossbody
  26. Amber Satchel Amber Satchel
    Lucky Brand Amber Satchel
  27. Gabby Backpack Gabby Backpack
    Vince Camuto Gabby Backpack
  28. Gabby Crossbody Gabby Crossbody
    Vince Camuto Gabby Crossbody
  29. Cory Tote Cory Tote
    Vince Camuto Cory Tote
  30. Dev Shoulder Dev Shoulder
    Lucky Brand Dev Shoulder
  31. Dev Crossbody Dev Crossbody
    Lucky Brand Dev Crossbody
  32. Margi Tote Margi Tote
    Vince Camuto Margi Tote
  33. Margi Hobo Margi Hobo
    Vince Camuto Margi Hobo
  34. Margi Crossbody Margi Crossbody
    Vince Camuto Margi Crossbody
  35. Cami Crossbody Cami Crossbody
    Vince Camuto Cami Crossbody

35 results

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Our Newest Totes and Handbags

A girl can never have too many bags. Totes, clutches, crossbodys, satchels—you name it, you need it. At Sole Society, we get that you have an ever-present need for a new bag. We’ve partnered with some of the best names in fashion to bring you an always on-trend collection of bags. On this page, you’ll find our newest handbag obsessions that are both curated from popular brands and developed in-house. We strive to bring you a stylish selection of bags at reasonable prices so you can feed your handbag addiction without breaking the bank. Start shopping our newest collection of bags above.

Who We Are

Looking for the latest in handbags? You’ve come to the right place. At Sole Society, we are more than just one of the leading online shoe retailers. We have developed a one-stop-shop for all things fashion. We’ve partnered with popular handbag creators while also taking inspiration from industry leaders to create a one of a kind collection of on-trend bags. It is our mission to provide every fashion-loving female with a vast selection of quality, yet affordable apparel, bags, footwear, and more. No matter the time of year, we’ve got something new. Start shopping now.