Mid heels, block heels and sky-high styles. These women's heels really elevate every look.

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What does Sole Society offer in terms of women's heels?

Whether they’re sky high or kitten, at Sole Society, our shelves are always stocked with fun, stylish, and versatile women’s heels. We’re continually searching for the latest trends in fashion. We partner with some of the best names in the business and hand select a few of our favorite products to feature in our shop. From high-end names to everyday designers you know and love, our collection of high heels is as vast as it is stylish. A few of our most popular style are: Mule heels, High heels, Mid heels, Kitten heels, Heeled booties, Pumps, Block heels, Strappy heels, and more.

Not only do we bring our favorite fashion finds from other designers in our shop, but we also create our signature line of women’s heels. Every pair of heels that we produce are designed with the latest trends in mind. We take inspiration from the latest fashions and infuse them into pairs of quality crafted beautiful heels.

How are women's heels supposed to fit?

Heels that don’t fit right can cause a day full of uncomfortable wear. If your feet don’t feel right in a pair of heels, it shows in more than just your appearance. While finding the right pair of heels may be tricky, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping, so you always have a comfortable fit.

When shopping for heels online, it can be a little bit harder to find the right pair. To help you get the closest and most accurate fit, make sure to get your feet measured. You may think that you are only one size, but getting your feet measured will let you know precisely what size shoe to buy. It will even help you determine the range of shoe sizes that will fit you the best.

When buying heels, it’s important to feel for any pinching when wearing the shoe. If there’s excessive pinching at your toes, this could mean that they are slightly too small. If you struggle at all to get the heels on, this is a big red flag that they are too small. If you get into the shoes too easily, this could mean they are too big, which can cause pain in your arch.

At Sole Society, we’ve created a sizing and fit guide for each pair of heels we offer to help you find the right size. Look for width, height, and fitting notes in the product description on the page of the heels you have your eyes set on.

How high should a women's heel be?

There’s no limit to how high your heels should be. Heels are a statement piece that can add sophistication, fun, and flare to just about any outfit.

For day-long wear at the office, try sticking to mid heels. They will give you sophistication without needing to give your feet breaks throughout a long day at work. For a night out, have fun in a pair of pumps. Pumps will give your outfit an added boost and trick people into thinking your heels are higher than they are. For days when you want to make a statement, the higher, the better. Vibrant stilettos can completely transform your outfit from cute to captivating.

What materials are the heels made of?

At Sole Society, we take pride in our offering, which is why you’ll only find women’s heels made with high-quality materials. Using materials like suede, leather, and haircalf, we craft every pair of heels in our collection to last for years on end. Our women’s heels are designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle. Crafted with care, they’ll give you day long comfort and years of long-lasting wear.

How do you take care of women's heels?

Caring for your new pair of heels is crucial for their lifespan. When you have the right products in your arsenal, you can keep your heels looking brand new for years. For leather heels, we recommend a leather conditioner and water-resistant spray. These products will keep the leather protected from the elements and ensure prevention of natural aging.

With suede and haircalf heels, using a suede brush will help keep the fibers soft and clean. A few brushes after a day of wear will keep the fibers from matting, keeping the shoes looking their best at all times.

What can you wear heels with?

Women’s heels can add an air of sophistication to just about any outfit. Dress up your favorite pair of blue jeans with a pair of leather strappy heels for casual elegance that will last all day long. Heels in the office place can give you more than just a sophisticated look. In the right pair of heels, you can gain a sense of confidence that will help you nail that presentation with ease. No matter where you’re going, in the right pair of heels, you can get there in effortless style.